Playing with Octopress

Oct 23, 2014

Over the past few days I’ve been playing around in octopress a bit to try and get the blog/site/whatever rolling again and there have definite been some good times and frustrations in getting back in the swing.

First the good.

Octopress is pretty easy to set up if you are at all familiar with using the command line. Me I’m barely above a novice so that fact that I can get ruby up, octopress cloned from github, installed, set up, themed, posts and pages added AND deployed is pretty freaking amazing really. Creating is a breeze if you are able to follow the Octopress documentation for doing so, writing posts is even easier if yer down with the markdown. And as a general rule deployment to a github page is easy too. Again, just follow the instructions.

And the frustrations…

I have 2 computers that I switch between constantly, an iMac and a MacBook Pro. you’d think with github taking care of my version control it would be pretty easy. Welp let me tell you, ruby can be a bitch sometimes. Both systems are somehow configured slightly different so every time I make changes on one machine and transfer to the other I get some issue with generating the site. sigh. But I manage to hack my way around it (and I mean that in the crudest sense of the word).

However, I think what irritates me most is the process for theme development. I, being the UI/UE/Design/Code/Pirate that I am, want to build out a kick ass (work in progress) theme for octopress but every time I make a change I have to reinstall the theme, generate the site, and refresh firefox. This may not seem like a lot but when you do it 200 time it becomes a little tedious. But maybe I’m just missing something in the process. I am still learning.