Jekyll Migration

Jan 25, 2015

This weekend I opted out of running this site on Octopress, the blogging framework I started using last year when I built it. I switched to Jekyll. Jekyll and Octopress are quite similar, heck, Octopress is a fork of Jekyll with features added in to make blogging easier. The reason I did this was because I found myself fighting against Octopress too much and Jekyll is a more barebones framework that I can modify to my liking.

Migrating posts and pages over was as easy as copy/paste, hooray for that! The only real trick was setting up URL structure and SCSS the way I wanted. That took a few hours, but I’m happy enough with the quick results. So much so that I deployed the new Jekyll generated site a few hours after I began migration.

So where did Octopress go wrong for me? The biggest thing was theming. Anytime I modified my theme in the slightest I had to rebuild the source from the theme files. I found that half the time I spent working on the site was just recompiling the source. Jekyll doesn’t have “theming” as such so there was no feeling like I had to separate my theme from my source files. It’s all just part of one site, my site.