30 years of Macintosh

Jan 24, 2014

The Macintosh has been around for nearly my entire life. I can’t claim like many others to have been a day one adopter of the Mac. I was, after all, just hitting my second birthday when it launched. Still, the memories of Macintosh linger long in my mind. My very first memory of using a computer is a Macintosh and I sit in front of one writing this blog post today.

The first Mac I can honestly say I owned was an LC 575, but that was not my first experience. When I was a child of about 7 or 8 my father would routinely bring home his Mac SE/30 from work so that he could draw up the blueprints for our then future cottage. He’d use MacDraw, a simple vector drawing application, to accurately place every wall, beam, door and window in the building. I still have these drawings on floppy, and they amaze me every time I can view them. The time I was able to spend on the SE/30 was in MacPaint or playing games like Dark Castle and Winter Games. As a child, it amazed me that Dad was able to get any “work” done on that machine.

My dad being enamoured with that SE/30 knew that when he got a computer for home it would be a Mac. So few years later for Christmas the family got an LC 575. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, I was 12 and all of my Windows PC having friends were knee deep in DOOM, I had no such luck. But then I discovered what could be done with it. Everything. That machine opened me up to a world of creative endeavours. It was the first time I had access to the internet, the first time I coded, manipulated a photo, animated a story, made a game, hacked the OS, created a UI. I wrote my first HTML on that machine. I was able to do it all because of software like KidPix, Hypercard, Photoshop, telnet, ResEdit, Netscape.

From then on I began to associate Windows with work (from School) and the Mac with fun. My friends would ridicule me for my devotion to the Mac, it didn’t bother me. I knew what kind of creativity I could accomplish with it. I walked around High School in an iMac tee shirt promoting it I was such a proud user. The Macintosh had opened a world of possibilities to me that I wouldn’t have known existed if I had been playing DOOM instead of Photoshop. I wanted to share my experience with others.

So yeah, I was there when Apple was Doomed. I was there when Steve Jobs came back. I vividly remember watching the Keynote launch of the original iMac and exclaiming only to myself “That’s a Computer!?!”. I may have been the first person in Canada to touch an iPod. Since that SE/30 time I have only ever used Macs at home. I’ve never owned a Windows PC, I simply enjoy the Macintosh experience. It makes what could be boring tasks, fun. It smiled at me the very first time I turned it on, and I smile every time I use it.